Ukraine-Russia war latest: Putin warns Russia could provide long-range weapons to attack West – and issues new nuclear threat | World News

By Nicole Johnston, Asia correspondent in Beijing

Putin’s St Petersburg summit comes right out of the same playbook as China’s President Xi Jinping.

So how do you get a read on China’s geo-political thinking? One way is by wading through the dry and detailed pronouncements of its president, that’s where the nuggets are.

In 2022, Xi said: “The world today is undergoing major changes, unseen in a century.

“The most important characteristic of the world is chaos and the trend is likely to continue.”

In the world according to Xi, the time is right to reorder global governance with China at its pinnacle, where it belongs. His view is that the US anchored world order is breaking down.

Many countries in the global south are on board with China, chaffing at the dominance of the US led international system and ready to countenance a shake-up.

Russia is in lock step with China. 

Both countries need each other. Though Russia needs China more, for trade and diplomatic cover.

In this great power rivalry, the China-Russian axis could draw in other regional disrupters like Iran and North Korea.

If that happens it will be a formidable alliance based on hostility towards the US, sympathy for Russia, a deep fear of subversion and in the case of China, a relentless goal to unify with Taiwan.

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