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KitchenAid Pro Plus 5-Quart Lift Stand Mixer in kitchen on island

Mix up your favorite recipe with this new deal

Today, December 7th only, head to where you can score this KitchenAid 5.5-Quart Bowl Lift-Stand Mixer for just $249.99 shipped or less with this new Target Circle offer – valid in-store and online!

This mixer is available to ship in the Contour Silver or Ice colors, although select locations may offer additional colors for pickup if in stock!

Check out this deal…

black kitchenaid mixer on counter next to plate of burgers

This KitchenAid Stand Mixer is perfect for whipping up everything from cakes, to cookies, and bread! With 11 speeds, you can gently knead, thoroughly mix, and whip ingredients, and you can easily add ingredients with a tilt-head.

In addition to a 5.5-quart stainless steel bowl, the mixer features a coated flat beater, a coated dough hook, and a 6-wire whip. The 5.5-quart bowl allows you to mix 11 dozen cookies per batch, knead over 7 lbs of bread, or mash 6 lbs of potatoes. The mixer can also be modified with 10 different attachments such as a pasta maker, a shave ice maker, a spiralizer, and a meat grinder.

This KitchenAid 5.5-Quart Bowl Lift-Stand Mixer would be a great addition to anyone’s kitchen and it looks so nice, you can even leave it out on your counter!

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Kitchenaid Mixer light blue color on counter

Don’t have a KitchenAid Stand mixer? Check out why reviewers love theirs…

I registered for this beauty for my bridal shower. It is sleek, beautiful and powerful. It seriously makes baking so much smoother of a process. I feel more efficient with my time by using this mixer, and I absolutely love it!

I have had this for about a month and have used it far more than I thought I would. From bread to ice cream to butter, it does it all and it does it WELL!! I love my mixer. And the Black Matte is STUNNING! I leave mine on the counter because it’s so gorgeous.

I finally upgraded my previous mixer from a 4-quart to a 5.5-quart size. It made a big difference when I made my pizza and English Muffin dough. Also, the noise on this mixer seemed slightly quieter than my smaller mixer. Because the other mixer was a lift-top, I am still getting used to this one as I need to raise and lower the bowl. I’m very pleased with this 5.5-quart stand mixer.

I’m an avid baker and have been for years. My mom bought me my KitchenAid mixer for Christmas 25 years ago. After using it very heavily (especially during the Christmas cookie season) it is still working perfectly for me. It’s an integral part of my kitchen and I don’t think I could bake without it.

Always get the best price on a KitchenAid stand mixer with these helpful shopping tips!

various boxes of KitchenAid stand mixers

Want to get the best price on a KitchenAid mixer?

Let’s face it – KitchenAid mixers are not cheap. 💰 However, for a couple of hundred dollars, this countertop appliance will do just about everything… except bake the cookies for you!

You can make homemade dough, whip up frosting, shred chicken & cheese, make pasta, and much more with KitchenAid’s extensive line of standing mixers and attachments.

While they do cost a pretty penny, these small appliances can make your life a whole lot easier in the kitchen, and that convenience is well worth the cost!

Here are three ways to get the best price on a KitchenAid mixer all year long:

Kitchenaid Ice Shaver Attachment

1. Don’t buy the biggest & latest model.

Unless you’re cooking for a family of 10 and plan to use your KitchenAid mixer every single day, you won’t necessarily need the biggest and fanciest model. Many of the smaller models have a lot of the same features, are more affordable, and usually take up less space on your kitchen counters, too!

assortment of cash back and promotional gift cards

2. Watch for KitchenAid rebates.

Occasionally, KitchenAid offers promotions & rebates on select mixer models in the form of a check or VISA gift card. While these promotions may not come around often, we do usually see them pop up a couple of times a year. We’ve also seen various mail-in rebate offers at Kohl’s, QVC, and other retailers!

kitchenaid mixer in navy with steel bowl on counter

3. Buy a refurbished model.

On the fence about buying a factory-refurbished KitchenAid Mixer? Don’t be, as they’re a great way to save you some dough… so you can get in the kitchen and make lots of dough! 🍪 😂

Whenever you purchase a refurbished model through KitchenAid, you can rest easy because they include a 6-month limited warranty from the date of purchase (excluding cosmetic damage).

Yes, refurbished mixers have been returned from a consumer, retailer, or trucking company, BUT they have been cleaned and inspected to the original mechanical and electrical condition – so they work just like new!

They also may contain cosmetic blemishes (which are not covered under warranty), but you likely won’t even notice a few scratches or dings while the mixer is sitting on your counter! If you do purchase a refurbished mixer, be sure to keep the dated sales receipt since you may be asked to email, fax, or mail in a copy of the receipt.

kitchenaid stand mixer with cookie dough on beater

Once you have scored an awesome deal on your KitchenAid stand mixer, be sure to try some of these recipes:

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