Water Fasting Benefits, Dangers, & My Personal Experience

Several years ago, I started experimenting with water fasting. Over the years, I’ve found it to be an amazing experience, so much so that I continue to do it every year, several times a year. I’ve seen so many benefits, not just health-wise but also mentally and spiritually. It’s been a fun journey to take as I’ve learned more and grown stronger with each fast I take.

Before I share more about my experience with water fasting, I must emphasize that this is MY experience. While fasting is generally considered safe for short amounts of time, not everyone can or should try it. What works for one of us might not work for everyone. 

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This is what worked for me.

What is Water Fasting?

As the name suggests, it’s fasting while only consuming water. Nothing but water. Herbal teas, black coffee, calorie-free drinks, and supplements are not part of water fasting. Just water. You can add in Himalayan salt to your water, which is helpful to maintain electrolytes, especially in the first three days when you lose a lot of water.

This year, I’ll also be experimenting with drinking more salt water and minerals on the water fast and possibly taking enzymes like Masszymes, which I theorize won’t break the fast but might speed up autophagy.

If it sounds tough, I can say from my experience, that water fasting is much easier than other types of fasting (bone broth, juicing, etc.), which are more dietary modifications and not fasting. The results are much more profound with water fasting than other fasts. This type of fasting is also called block fasting or long-term fasting.

How Long Does a Water Fast Last?

Water fasting can vary in duration. Short-term fasts of 24-72 hours are considered safe for most people. Prolonged fasting includes fasts of five, seven, or even forty days. I started with a shorter fast of 24 hours to begin and then worked my way up. Now, I typically do a five-day water fast once a quarter and a longer seven-day water fast to start each year off. The longest I’ve fasted is ten days.

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