PS5 And A Ton Of Games Like Spider-Man 2 Are On Sale Right Now

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The PlayStation 5 never officially got a price drop, but Sony continues to discount the console so aggressively that it’s basically the same thing. As part of its annual Days of Play sale event, the company’s taking $50 off the regular price of PS5s. Recent exclusives like Spider-Man 2 and Rise of the Ronin are also getting big discounts.

Details on the Days of Play 2024 sale went up over on the PlayStation Blog today. Running from May 29 through June 12, the event will shave prices on new hardware, accessories, PS Plus subscriptions, and a bunch of games. One of them is Final Fantasy VII Rebirth for $55, which only came out a couple of months ago and is also on sale at GameStop and Amazon right now. Others include Tekken 8, which will be available for just $49. Meanwhile, Rise of the Ronin, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and The Last of Us Part II Remastered will all be just $50.

PS Plus Extra and Premium, Sony’s Netflix-like competitor to Xbox Game Pass, will also be cheaper for the next couple of weeks. Extra, which includes a library of hundreds of games, will be $91 for a year instead of $130, and Premium, which includes streaming and retro games like PS2 classics, will be $112 instead of $160. Both prices are just a bit cheaper than what the tiers cost before Sony raised the price a year ago.

Then there’s the PS5s themselves. Normally $500 for the slim and $450 for the slim all-digital, both consoles will be $50 off when ordered from Sony’s website. The company is also taking a whopping $100 of the price of PlayStation VR2, which is normally $550. The version bundled with Horizon Call of the Mountain is also available as part of the same deal.

The discounts come as Sony races to move more hardware. Despite the impressive sales figures of the PS5 to date, roughly half of all PlayStation players still haven’t upgraded from the PS4. PS VR2, on the other hand, appears to be all but dead in the water. Despite well-designed tech, the high price and lack of must-have games seems to have wiped out any momentum it had. Sony has never said how many of the new VR headsets it’s sold, and according to a report earlier this year it’s already halted production due to backed up inventory.

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