Elder Scrolls VI Is Playable And More Gaming News For The Week


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Image: HBO / Naughty Dog, Bethesda, Xbox / Kotaku / Asier Romero (Shutterstock), Nintendo / Kotaku, ArenaNet, Microsoft / Kotaku, Square Enix, Epic Games / Sega, Marvel, Screenshot: Twitch / Morgpie / Kotaku

This week’s gaming news was far-ranging in its nature and its implications. We got reports that Pedro Pascal has already wrapped up shooting on season two of HBO’s The Last of Us, heard rumblings that some publishers are unsure if supporting Xbox continues to make sense for them, and got our first look at Marvel Rivals, which looks like a superhero-themed Overwatch competitor that’s also reminiscent of Smite. Those stories and more await you in the pages ahead.

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