Destiny 2 Is Getting Mass Effect Outfits, And They’re A Slay

Destiny characters in Mass Effect clothes pose in front of Earth.

Image: Bungie / BioWare

I don’t play Destiny 2, but after hearing Bungie and BioWare are collaborating to bring Mass Effect cosmetics to the game, I’m more tempted to jump in than I’ve been in the decade since its release. Will wearing Liara T’Soni’s cunty lab coat in Bungie’s MMO shooter fill the Mass Effect-shaped hole in my heart as we wait for Mass Effect 5 to release? No, but it’s a start.

On January 30, Bungie announced that cosmetics based on three popular Mass Effect characters will come to Destiny 2 next month. On February 13, you can get protagonist Commander Shepard’s iconic N7 armor, Liara’s Lair of the Shadow Broker coat, and Garrus’ Mass Effect 3 armor. While the outfits will cost an as-yet-unknown amount of money (previous crossover skins have cost around $20 a pop), the ship and Sparrow skins based on different frigates in the Mass Effect universe and the Ghost shell based on the AI EDI will be available “at no cost.” According to BioWare’s Michael Gamble, it was “important” to both the team and Bungie to offer some of the items for free. All of this will be available as part of the “Alliance Requisition Bundle.”

Normally I’m not thrilled by crossover skins invading games I like, but I don’t play Destiny 2. I have no attachment to any of its iconography, lore, story, or anything else. So like a Reaper descending upon The Traveler, I’m thinking about booting up Destiny 2 and snagging Liara’s coat and the N7 armor. I’ll change them up between missions until the realization that Mass Effect has been gone for seven years catches up to me.

Honestly, the more likely event is that I might boot up the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition remasters. Every now and then, I feel myself yearning to go back home again, and I think seeing some of these outfits in another game just makes me miss it more. The upcoming fifth Mass Effect game is still light years away, but we did get some hints about the future of the series during the last N7 Day.

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