Sevenn returns with emotive tech single ‘End of the Beginning’

Sevenn returns with emotive tech single ‘End of the Beginning’Sevenn

American producer Kevin Brauer, better known by his stage name Sevenn, has made a significant impact on the international electronic music landscape since he made is debut in 2016. His debut track “Colors of the Rainbow” captivated millions, and his remix of System of a Down’s “BYOB” skyrocketed to over 60 million plays, catapulting him into global recognition with bookings for clubs and festivals worldwide.

Sevenn’s latest creation, “End Of The Beginning,” marks his first release on Future House Music, finding its footing in a fusion of dark and melodic techno. The track unfolds with shimmering melodies, complemented by deep, pulsating bass lines and shadowy synths. A blend of light and darkness ‘The End of the Beginning’ takes an emotive approach to shrill industrial tech house. The haunting vocals, echoing the cyclical nature of life and death, contribute to the track’s profound message and as “End Of The Beginning” concludes, it leaves you wondering — is the beginning is the end or if the end is the beginning?



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