Healthy Stocking Stuffer Ideas (To Make and Buy)

What is it about a Christmas stocking? Old or young, waking up on Christmas morning to a stocking lumpy with little surprises has its own special joy. These healthy stocking stuffer ideas have the perfect gift for everyone on your list!

It’s always fun pulling the hidden items out to reveal the unique gifts inside. Even if it’s something as small as a pack of gum or as practical as a pair of fuzzy new socks! Having all of these ideas in one big list makes your holiday season shopping even easier (even if you did miss the Cyber Monday deals).

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The Tradition of Christmas Stockings

Thanks to the famous poem “The Night Before Christmas” we know Christmas stockings have been “hung by the chimney with care” for over 200 years. But exactly how long ago the tradition began and why it became so popular are more unknown.

Most agree the Christmas stocking tradition pays tribute to St. Nicholas. He’s the Christian saint of ancient times known for his generosity and gift-giving to those in need. He’s the real man behind today’s Santa traditions.

The legend goes that St. Nicholas heard of a widowed man who couldn’t pay a dowry for his three daughters. This was a desperate situation in those times. St. Nicholas dropped gold coins down the widower’s chimney by night. One of the coins fell into one of the stockings hung by the fire to dry. The widower and his daughters were overjoyed to find the coins the next morning, their worries over.

The example of St. Nicholas continues to shape our idea of the true spirit of Christmas today! My kids also participate in the St. Nicholas Day tradition of leaving a boot out for “St. Nick” to fill with treats every December 6th.

Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Whole Family

Here are some stocking stuffer ideas on the healthier side. I’ve come up with these over the years or heard others recommend them. And don’t forget to check out my 2023 Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide. It has plenty of last-minute ideas for your whole Christmas list!

I have several individual gift guides, one for kids, one for her, and another gift guide for men. Those include some great stocking stuffer ideas separated by gender and age. The lists below are divided by category and include perfect stocking stuffer ideas for various ages and people.

You can pick up some of these gifts at Amazon, and I’ve included plenty of other high-quality brands I love. The best gifts are the ones that are heartfelt.

On to the list…

Edible Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas

Something for the foodie on your list.

Health and Beauty Christmas Gift Ideas

DIY skincare makes great gifts for everyone who loves a little self-care. Or if DIY isn’t your thing, there are plenty of natural versions to get your loved ones. Many of the skincare gift sets at stores like Walmart have some ingredients I’m not a fan of. You can easily create your own healthy beauty stocking stuffers with the ideas below!

Experiences / Sentimental

Give your loved ones the precious gift of your time and attention. These are great to give to the kids, a spouse, or even grandparents.

  • Coupon for “date” with Mom or Dad
  • Carousel or gaming tokens
  • Movie night with favorite dessert coupon
  • A coupon to stay up an hour late (special Mom and Dad time!)
  • A coupon to pick the meals for a day
  • Mini photo book with family memories and inspirational quotes
  • A bookmark for your reading enthusiast (and a book to go with it!)
  • A keepsake letter or love note
  • Movie tickets or gift certificates
  • A flip photo book with pictures from the year

Perfectly Practical Stocking Stuffers

Who says socks can’t make a good Christmas gift? Even if they’re not a socks person, here are some fun, yet practical gifts they’ll love.

Games & Fun

I love giving games as gifts in the kid’s stockings. It encourages learning, brain development, and creativity, and they have tons of fun with them. They’re also great for family game nights. And fun-loving adults appreciate them too!

Crafty Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Have a crafter on your list? Here are some arts and crafts gifts that are perfect for their stockings. I love sitting down at the table and doing art with the kids. And this gives them more supplies for our family art sessions.

Themed Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Instead of a bunch of random gifts, you can do a stocking stuffer theme! These are great for kids and adults alike.

Just Because Stocking Stuffer Gifts

Here are some other fun ideas that didn’t really fit into the categories above.

One fun twist on the stocking stuffer tradition. Instead of gifting everything in one day, slip one new gift into the stockings on each of the twelve days of the Christmas season. This traditionally runs from Dec. 25 to the feast of the Epiphany on Jan. 6. Your kids will love looking forward to a new surprise. And it will help keep their focus on the whole Christmas season!

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